Travel Trends 2022

There are many reports on how the travel industry has changed in the past 20 months, on the future of travel, and what consumers are now favouring in light of the dramatic changes we’ve all lived through.  A number of key trends are emerging, such as an increased emphasis on travel for health and wellness reasons. We are also favouring holidays that protect local communities and reduce environmental impact. We are seeking more solitude and space.

Here we take a look at what is happening in the travel industry and how our clients are shaping the way in which we respond by bringing you an increased selection of exclusive destinations and experiences to reflect these evolving preferences.

Health and Wellness

Tapping into the wellness trend, nature-based tourism will continue to grow in the coming year. With a move towards peaceful contemplation on holiday, there is an increase among Gen X and Boomers to relax by the water’ s edge. According to Pinterest Predicts, we will be travelling to lakeside retreats. The same report forecasts that more people “want to get away to beautiful escapes where they won’t have to lift a finger”. That’s something we can all get behind.

Environmental considerations

Hilton’s recent travel report looks at how travel has evolved from clients seeking holistic wellness solutions to their desire to respect the planet, travelling with minimum disruption to the environment and communities which they are visiting. Erica Gordon, senior vice president and global head of Public Affairs and ESG at Hilton, says: “We recognise that we have a critical holistic responsibility to protect local communities and the planet so that the destinations where we operate can remain vibrant and resilient for generations to come.

 A rise in “philantourism”

Philanthropic holidays are a fast-growing trend in today’s world. It is a way of supporting the chosen destination giving much-needed help for good causes and spending money in the local tourism economy.  Think family-owned hotels or guest-houses, taking local guides with their lifelong connection to your destination. Philantourism is about immersing yourself in the country’s local culture and traditions, having an authentic experience all the while doing good by the locals.

A Desire to Escape

There is also an increased focus on adventure travel with an escapism mindset.  For many, the desire to get away as soon as possible will be balanced by secluded and self-contained destinations. Adventure seekers will look for meaningful travel and impactful outcomes. Somewhere remote that provides space for restoration in nature; connection to oneself and the planet.

The role of technology in travel

Technology is a crucial part of how we travel today, helping businesses with day-to-day operations, improving the customer experience.  From real-time, destination-specific health updates to robots providing room service, in light of the pandemic, technology is even more important.   These technologies help reduce not only the risks associated with the spread of the virus but also decrease human errors and accidents. Improving all the time is the scope of virtual reality. VR provides us the opportunity to experience extraordinary destinations, from the comfort of our home, before ever visiting the destination. Undoubtedly, the role of technology is intrinsically linked to our travel experience.


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