Travel remains an essential part of business

Since March 2020, we have experienced a massive upheaval to how we work and how we travel.  While videoconference, webinars and other remote means of communication have been vital to the survival of businesses since the start of the pandemic, they cannot, nor will not, replace our deep need for in-person connectivity. Human connection is paramount. Only so much can be done over the phone, email, or the web. Meeting one another face-to-face is essential to getting business done and connecting with other businesses. In-person meetings with other professionals allows us to create trust and strengthens relationships. These factors are of tremendous importance to conduct business and allow for growth. Nothing has changed in this regard, nor will it in the future.


Corporate Travel Resumes

With this in mind, we are very happy to see our corporate clients planning in-person meetings and events, with colleagues, customers, and prospects at an international level.  Several factors have allowed us to take to the skies once again.

With international borders opening and continuing to reduce barriers to entry, people are eagerly planning their next trips, bolting some leisure onto their corporate itineraries. Given the successful uptake of vaccination programmes globally, it certainly feels as if we are slowly emerging from the stagnation which we have experienced. We are truly grateful for it.

How we now approach corporate travel has changed due to the need for our clients to feel safe and secure as they resume international travel. To ensure that corporate travel can bounce back, many stakeholders are working together to get life back on track. From airlines and airports to the leaders in hospitality, and corporate traveller themselves, everyone has a part to play. Now, more than ever, it is essential for us as your travel partner, to understand your plans, previous travels, and more. Integration with other data sources to get a full picture of a travel program, duty of care, sustainability, and traveller satisfaction will be of principal importance.

Making Corporate Travel Easier

We understand that planning corporate, and leisure travel, can seem like a daunting task. But these challenges bring with them new opportunities. We will continue to navigate evolving travel requirements on your behalf. This allows us to provide you with accurate and timely information. By staying up to date with rapidly changing travel requirements, we hope to see business travel resume.

Book with confidence with our experienced travel advisors

FROSCH Ireland is working with our clients to deliver the best possible solutions to make corporate and leisure travel safe, secure, and stress-free. Visit our Traveler Health, Safety & Security Hub on the link here to stay on top of changing travel information, no matter where you are going.

We will continue to blend in-person meetings with working remotely. However, it seems the need for connection is stronger than any force that comes our way.  We will liaise with you to deliver seamless international travel itineraries that allow your business to thrive. Travel remains an essential part of business for many companies and bridges human connection.

Our teams of travel advisors in Cork, Shannon, and Dublin are available for a consultation on your future travel requirements. Get in touch to discuss your travel needs, book with confidence as we plan your next trip, email