Outsourcing Corporate Travel Saves Money and Time for Companies

The reasons for corporate travel are numerous but there is one thing that unifies companies that outsource their corporate travel needs: Outsourcing Corporate Travel Saves Money and Time for Companies. Over the past 20 years we have found so many clients do not know the true cost of business travel within their organisations. The figure that your travel agency provides may give you an overall spend but that does not tell the whole story.

When implementing a new travel management programme, we focus on building a portfolio of services specific to your industry and company needs. Unlike many other agencies, FROSCH Ireland creates a programme unique to you and your company’s needs. Traditional sourcing-driven approaches are delivering annual savings of less than 3%, while organisations taking a more holistic approach to travel spend optimisation are seeing savings up to 23% on all visible costs and up to 35% on previously hidden cost areas. Implementing a bespoke travel management programme can help CFOs to understand and control the total cost of their corporate travel while delivering a significant range of benefits.  Corporate travel management saves money and solves problems.

Corporate Travel

Here are some fundamental ways that outsourcing your corporate travel management benefits you and your company:



To understand how our team can help your business to optimise travel spend, our teams of travel advisors in Cork, Shannon, and Dublin are available for a consultation on your future travel business requirements,. Get in touch and we can discuss your travel needs corporatesales@frosch.ie.