In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022, we are proud to introduce you to some of the inspirational women on our team. At FROSCH Ireland we are incredibly lucky to have some of the very early members of our team still with the business today.

Meet Cara Barry, Corporate Team Leader


One of those key individuals is Cara Barry. Many of you will know Cara for a very long time, some of you may have yet to meet her in person. She is one of those people who you just can’t help to build a strong rapport with be it over the phone or email.

Cara’s enthusiasm for our industry is infectious. She lives and breathes travel. Having entered the industry at the tender age of 18. She is one of the lucky ones who immediately discovered her passion and has worked in travel ever since. Cara credits a lot of this discovery to her mother who heard the job advert on the radio. She knew Cara would be perfect for the role, how right she was.

Her journey with FROSCH Ireland stemmed from working with Angela Walsh at Barter’s Travel in Cork. Angela went on to found CTM in 2000 and Cara admired Angela’s visionary approach to corporate travel. Angela saw an immediate opportunity to offer a white glove, high touch service to corporate clients, taking care of their every need throughout their journey. This was a pioneering move for corporate travel at the time. As a result, Cara joined the team in the early days. She hasn’t looked back since.

‘Never Worry’

Cara’s mantra is ‘never worry’. She sees herself and the larger team of travel advisors at FROSCH Ireland as the problem-solvers, they take the stress out of corporate travel management, allowing their clients to get on with their day jobs. This is incredibly powerful, for our clients, now more than ever. Going the extra mile comes naturally. She has a laser-sharp focus on the details. Ensuring that her client’s travel plans run as smoothly as she has designed them to be. Her cool, fearless resolve stems from vast experience in the travel industry. She is as excited as ever by the buzz of travel and the new discoveries this industry readily presents.


Meet Cona Moore, Luxury Leisure Travel Advisor

Cona Moore


Cona Moore’s arrival to the FROSCH Ireland team could be viewed as very unfortunate timing or a fantastic opportunity. We are obviously sticking with the latter. Cona joined in February 2020 right before the pandemic hit and we saw the travel industry come to a standstill. However, that time afforded us a unique opportunity to start pivoting our business into a new area: Luxury Leisure. Cona has been instrumental in the success of our leisure division, we are so happy she joined when she did.

Like Cara, Cona also found her passion for travel at a very young age and has worked in Luxury Leisure ever since. She has seen major changes in consumer behaviour around leisure travel. From the simple package approach in the early days right through to the more adventurous, experiential-led itineraries in far-flung destinations. She credits more discerning attitudes to the art of travel and the greater connectivity of air travel with these mega changes.

Cona is tasked with creating the most imaginative itineraries.

Cona has one of the most interesting roles, where she is constantly tasked with ever more creativity. Catering to her clients’ interests but also being one step ahead and pre-empting their every desire. From couples to multigenerational families to that last family trip before the kids move on to university, she has seen and done it all.

Some of her favourite itineraries have seen her clients travel through Mongolia by train to seeing the real China along the Yangtze River before visiting the modern metropolis of Shanghai. For Cona the thrill of the new and more experiential keeps her hooked on our incredible industry.

“Product offerings and new trends are evolving at a rapid pace. Being part of the FROSCH family offers our clients the very best in terms of rates, benefits, and insider access. The professionalism, entrepreneurial spirit, and visionary approach are compelling. It is incredibly exciting to be part of this journey with FROSCH Ireland.”


If you would like to speak to either of the ladies regarding your upcoming travel plans, be that for business travel or leisure simply follow the contact us page on our website and they will be in touch directly.