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GuideMe by FROSCH Keeping Travellers Informed

Posted in News on 17th February 2021

As the global travel climate continues to evolve, FROSCH is committed to guiding you and your travellers throughout your journey, from before the booking process begins to after the trips’ conclusion. Throughout the last few months, we’ve learned a lot, but COVID-19 presents us with more concerns about our travels than ever before. The new normal of travel requires a TMC that can assist travellers and travel managers in an increased capacity. That’s why FROSCH has created GuideMe. Combining the personal approach to travel that FROSCH is known for with new technology and communications ensures your travellers are prepared before, during, and after their journey.

The technology behind GuideMe, coupled with the guidance of your FROSCH travel team, enables you and your travelers to undertake risk and cost assessments to make informed travel decisions, saving you time and money. Every trip will be different, requiring not only the resources to provide relevant, current guidance but the personal touch of a FROSCH Travel Advisor. Keeping your travelers safe and ‘in the know’ has never been more important. GuideMe provides timely, automated notifications to your travelers to ensure they are prepared to travel. All notifications will include current information regarding travel restrictions specific to the itinerary, as well as PPE requirements, operational updates, and more.

Fifteen minutes after a booking has been made, travellers will receive an itinerary confirmation with a travel notification link. Forty-eight hours prior to departure, travellers will receive an email notification with the same information, as well as a link to acknowledge their review of the information.

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