FROSCH Ireland were delighted to be a sponsor of SILC 2019

FROSCH Ireland were delighted to be a sponsor of SILC and what a great speech our senior Vice President of FROSCH Brett Leslie made #SILC #Shannon #Froschctm ✈️✈️✈️.

Frosch Ireland were delighted to be invited to SILC 2019 as the only non aviation sponsor.

SILC was created from the collective interests of Shannon and Irish aviation companies, working together to provide a range of skilled services and cost efficient solutions to both airlines and the leasing companies. It is a collaboration of mutual progress and individual prosperity – the commonality being aviation leasing in Shannon.
International Aviation Services Centre (IASC) is the umbrella organisation which formalizes this group and SILC is the annual conference, held every year in November in the Mid-West of Ireland.
The conference gives an opportunity for technical representatives from the industry to meet and discuss up-to-date trends, listen to leading figures’ opinions on the future of the industry, and engage in an open networking forum with their peers.
SILC guests are made up of senior leaders from the aviation community, as well as key personnel from the airlines and aerospace, and the one day conference affords an exclusive opportunity for these guests. There are informative presentations and panel discussions on latest developments within aviation, as well as networking opportunities throughout the day.
With 40% of the world’s leased fleet managed through Ireland, one of the primary goals of SILC is to create cohesion in the aviation community in Ireland, and principally in the Shannon area.
The SILC approach:
An opportunity to influence and effect advancements in the aviation industry in Shannon and Ireland.
To promote Shannon as a technical services centre.
To network with technical leaders in the aviation sector.
To learn of new technologies and developments within the sector.
SILC is an original and unique concept, whereby aviation companies can create their own agenda conference, to network with their invited clients as well as industry leaders. There are 4-5 panel discussions throughout the day, moderated by the journalist and broadcaster Matt Cooper, as well speakers from the industry giving presentations on specific topics