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Book with confidence by booking your next trip with one of our expert Travel Advisors whether it’s for business or for leisure.

It may feel complicated and time-consuming navigating how best to travel safely, given the changing policies around security due to COVID-19. No longer will we be winging it on the web, booking last minute flights and hoping for the best. The role of a travel advisor, with their expert knowledge of changing rules and regulations, is increasingly important.

business and leisure travel


Here we highlight just some of the benefits you can expect when booking travel with an experienced travel advisor at FROSCH Ireland.

Peace of Mind with FROSCH Ireland as your travel partner.

We will work with you on every detail of your trip to ensure that it is a memorable, enjoyable, and hassle-free as possible. FROSCH Ireland keeps clients up to date with all relevant travel information, specific to your trip. From the  mandatory use of face masks to border closures and cancelled flights, we will assist you with all your travel requirements before you leave on your journey and as you travel. In today’s rapidly changing environment, we have all the latest COVID-19 health and safety protocols, across the globe, and our team is on hand 24/7 to take away the doubt and stress that you may feel as you resume travel. Book with confidence knowing we are one step ahead preempting all of your travel needs.

Our Corporate and Leisure Travel Advisors are invested in our clients’ happiness and satisfaction. We will take care of all the details for you to ensure you can travel with peace of mind.

Tailored Travel – itineraries created especially for you

Since we established the business in 2000, we have been listening to you and getting to know you. Before we start to suggest travel destinations and experiences, we work with you to find out the purpose of your travel. Are you looking to spend time away with your family, reconnect with nature or celebrate a milestone in your life? Is the purpose of your travel to organise a team-building experience within your organisation? No two travel requests are the same. Once we have spent time understanding your goals, we set about creating something extraordinary for you.


business and leisure travel

Curated Experiences

We are passionate about the art of travel – constantly looking for inspiration for our next itinerary. Let us craft extraordinary travel itineraries based on your individual travel wishes. Our incredible network of relationships in hospitality and our destination knowledge spans the globe. We create experiences with insider access and tips, off-the-beaten-path adventures, the latest openings from hotels to restaurants to retail experiences. We have the knowledge and access to deliver a remarkable trip to create memories of a lifetime.

Innovative Technology

Our travel advisors use the latest technology to assist you before, during, and after your trip. This allows for an exceptional experience, providing a white-glove service throughout the trip planning process. With our single global platform, you can access your itinerary, message travel companions, and contact your travel advisor anytime, by chat or from your phone. Talk to one of our travel advisors to discuss how our technology platform can optimise your travel. We can create a stress-free experience whether it’s for business or leisure.

Culture and Values

We place trust and transparency at the heart of our business. We take enormous pride in the level of personal service delivered to our clients. Our vision is to always stand out from others in the way we do business. This is achieved on a daily basis by a team who are truly passionate about delivering unrivalled customer service.

24 Hour Access

Even in an emergency situation, your calls are always dealt with by our team, never a call centre or third-party contractors. We provide all clients access to a 24-hour emergency service staffed by our own highly trained travel advisors. We’re with you every step of the way.

Our teams of travel advisors in Cork, Shannon, and Dublin are available for a consultation on your future travel requirements. Get in touch to discuss your travel needs, book with confidence as we plan your next trip, email