Blending business and leisure travel – the rise of Bleisure Travel

As the name suggests bleisure travel is the combination of business and leisure travel. With a myriad of advances in technology, changing consumer business behaviour, the lines between business and leisure travel are becoming more and more blurred. Adding on a few extra days to your work trip makes even more sense in the post-COVID landscape.

business and leisure travel bleisure


Bleisure travel has been around for a while, but the profile of the traveller is changing. Once favoured by younger demographics we are now seeing corporate executives using this as an opportunity to explore their surroundings, maintain their wellbeing and expose their families to new cultures and experiences.

As companies have become more accustomed to alternative ways of doing business – remote working, zoom calls, and collaboration with teams dotted all over the globe fast becoming the norm. Technology is a key for future-proofing and supporting remote workers in the future. Demand for all types of travel is skyrocketing to levels we haven’t witnessed for a long time. Countries are opening up; vaccination programmes are being rolled out and we are starting to venture out again to explore and appreciate the world again. Together all of these ingredients are creating the perfect environment for the bleisure boom.

business and leisure travel bleisure

Avoiding burnout

Reports suggest that younger generations are burning out at a faster rate than their older colleagues. Not balancing work and home life, not taking regular annual leave days, and spending long hours behind a screen. Bleisure travel is one of the avenues that companies are exploring to attract and retain talent. Offering them a choice to explore the places around them when they travel, encouraging families to join them during their trip to ultimately increase happiness at work.

business and leisure travel bleisure

Maintaining wellness routines

Gone are the days of flying in for a meeting and jetting out again on the same day. As road warriors of old will attest, business travel can be arduous. It presents great challenges when it comes to maintaining health, fitness, and wellness while travelling. In recent years we have seen the emergence of more holistic brands such as Equinox. If you happen to be a member of any one of their 106 fitness clubs, you can seamlessly plug into your fitness regime when staying at their hotel in New York. Their in-room dining options are focussed on ingredients that boost your performance and your immunity. Choosing a holistic offering will certainly transform the traditional business travel experience.

How we work

At FROSCH Ireland we have introduced luxury tailormade leisure to our service portfolio. Our travel advisors are uniquely placed to be able to manage both your business and leisure trips and bleisure. Seamlessly blending itineraries, tailoring experiences to you and your travel companions. We take a boutique approach to travel curation. Taking time to understand your motivations for travel and delivering unexpected moments, personal service, tailormade to you.

Our teams of travel advisors in Cork, Shannon, and Dublin are available for a consultation on your future business travel requirements. Get in touch and we can arrange a time that works for you on